Cycle Wild Scotland Trail Mechanics for MTB

NEW FOR 2024


MTB gives you the freedom to boldly go on your bike, to experience the outdoors and see what is around that bend, over that next ridge.

But whether it’s a fun ride or you are leading others, a snapped rear mech hanger, a failed dropper post, even a simple puncture can turn the perfect mtb day into a nightmare.  When the tech lets you down, stuck alone, or with a group, miles from help, do you have the skills and knowledge to fix the problem and avoid a soul-crushing hike-a-bike back to civilization?  If not, our new Trail Mechanics for MTB Course is the answer.

Wherever you are on your mtb journey our Trail Mechanics for MTB course can give you the skills and confidence to perform bike setups, adjustments, mechanical maintenance, component replacements and repairs in that less-than-ideal scenario.

This cutting-edge, modular course, which has been designed by highly-experienced, current guides and mechanics, specialises in on-trail fixes and mountain bike tech in a range of environments and locations.

Chris Gibbs, a British Cycling tutor, European Mountain Bike Guide, fully qualified Velotec tutor, has probably spent more time fixing bikes on and off the trail than we will have to do in several lifetimes.  He is ready to share his hard-won experience, knowledge and wisdom with you.

There are three modular one-day courses, Levels 1, 2 & 3.  It might be best to start at Level 1 but if you have appropriate experience you can start at Level 2.

The Level 1 & 2 courses work with a ratio of 6 students to 1 tutor and cost £160 each.  If you book both courses the combined price is £290.

The Level 3 course runs with a maximum of 4 students and costs £190 for the day.

All courses will be run in Aviemore.

To find out more or to book on one of the courses, please email

Level 1 – Foundational MTB Mechanics 

Course date: 24 February, 2024, Aviemore (venue tba)

Perfect for FunMBL and BC L2 candidates, independent riders who want to stay independent; parents looking after the family bikes.  The course covers;

  • Introduction to tools and spares
  • Bike safety Check
  • Basic MTB setup
  • Mechanical etiquette – Torque settings
  • Lubes and greases
  • Identifying components – BB Types; Crank Types
  • Identifying Drivetrains
  • Drivetrain checks – Identifying wear
  • Chain fix and replacement
  • Gear Adjustments and Indexing cable replace
  • Tyre Replacement + Puncture repair – Tubed;Tubeless setup
  • Headset Adjustment
  • Brake adjustments – Lever Positioning; Calliper positioning; Pad replacement
  • Basic Understanding Suspension
  • Suspension setup – Sag;Rebound
  • Saddle Adjustment + Bike fit
  • Final bike checks

To find out more or to book on this course, please email

Level 2 – Advanced MTB Mechanics

Course date: 25 February, 2024, Aviemore (venue tba)

Ideal for BC L3 candidates, Enduro/downhill competitors, adventurers who want to be self-sufficient. The course covers;

  • Tools & spares – on back/at base
  • Bike safety Check
  • Advanced MTB setup
  • Mechanical etiquette – Torque settings
  • Lubes and greases
  • Identifying components and knowing recognisedstandards
  • Identifying Drivetrains
  • Drivetrain checks – identifying wear
  • Full Drivetrain strip down and replacement
  • Cup and Cone hub service
  • Identifying other hubs
  • Headset bearing replacement
  • Brake adjustments
  • Rotor true and replacement- Centrelock; 6 Bolt
  • Brake burp bleed
  • Advanced Understanding Suspension
  • Suspension setup – Sag; Rebound; HSC; LSC
  • Basic suspension maintenance
  • Internal cable routing
  • Dropper post cable replacement
  • Dropper post hacks
  • Spoke replacement + Wheel true

To find out more or to book on this course, please email

Level 3 – Extreme MTB Mechanics

Course date: TBA – please contact us

For BC L3 MTB Leaders, international mtb guides, Enduro/downhill competitors, Bike shop technicians etc.  The course covers;

  • Clutch mech rebuild
  • Brake bleeding-Shimano; SRAM; Hope
  • Wheel build – Complete de-tension and re-tension
  • Hydraulic dropper post bleed
  • Freehub adjustments
  • DT Swiss ratchet clean up
  • Frame Bearing removal and replacement

To find out more or to book on this course, please email