“Level 3 mountain bike leader training completed…learned loads, had heaps of fun and have an action plan to get ready for assessment. Loved it!  Thanks Cycle Wild Scotland.”  Liz Peacock,  L3

Covid-19 in Scotland Nov 2020
The new 5-tier system is forcing all of us to make risk assessments and difficult decisions concerning our activities.  Cycle Wild Scotland’s National Governing Body courses are all vocational and are therefore deemed essential under the new regs which means you are permitted to travel from a Tier 3 area to a Tier 1 or 2 area to participate.  We have a Sportscotland-qualified Covid-19 officer who will be ensuring that everyone is sticking strictly to all of the safety guidelines on our courses.  However, if you are concerned about travelling to one of our courses (from a different tier) or have any other Covid-related concerns and want to have a chat about these, do get in touch.  The full Scottish Government information can be found on this link  https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/. We urge you to read this and assess how it affects you and your planned activities.  Ultimately each one of us will have to decide what is the right course of action at any given time and we at Cycle Wild Scotland will support whatever decision you make.

The BMBLA’s Level 3 leader award equips experienced leaders with the further skills and knowledge to take groups and individuals on demanding wilderness rides in the most remote corners of the country and throughout the world.

NB The British Mountain Bike Leadership Awards (BMBLA) were formerly known as the UKMBLS and British Cycling’s Mountain Bike Leader awards. 

Course overview

The BMBLA Level 3  award is aimed at experienced mtb leaders who want to guide in remote environments and on physically demanding trails of high technical difficulty.

Leaders at this level need to be proficient in all areas of mountain bike leadership, as well as being highly-skilled mountain bike riders. The three-day training course builds upon the skills and knowledge gained at Level 2, with specific topics covered in more depth.

The award consists of a three-day training course and two-day assessment. 

Booking Options

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